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Hey Hey Ya'll!

I'm Brandi your local cake pop dealer aka the owner of The Pop Co., thank you for visiting our page!

The Pop Co. was founded in February 2020 - yes, right before the pandemic 

I fell in love with creating treats after making cake pops for my step-son's school events and family/friend parties, many failed attempts at making my step-sons bday cakes - I wanted something unique, and something I made to stand out...even if they didn't look good haha. 

After being laid off, I had this plan to go back to school for marketing and make some money on the side while doing that. Creating treats is something I had fallen in love with - So I thought - Why not have a side hustle of chocolate confections? I can make some money, and attend school at the same time. 

When I brought my idea to my husband, Oscar - we sat on the couch that night coming up with business names for my "side hustle." That's when The Pop Co. came up, HE thought of it.  

Months later, we are now attending awesome pop-up events around ABQ, and the Rio Rancho area. We have met some amazing local business owners along the way too!

I specialize in dessert tables, cake pops, caramel chocolate apples and other treats for any holiday or celebration! 

Thank you for visiting our website, I hope to make your treats for a special occasion! 


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Treat Truck Coming Soon! 


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