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Cake Pop Pricing

Classic Pops - Starting at $30 a dozen 

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Bronze Level 

Our most popular cake pop. It's made to order, dipped in chocolate your choice of color with drizzle or sprinkles.

They can be round, coin-shaped, or mixed 

Detailed - Starting at $35 a dozen 

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Silver Level

This level may include letters, numbers, and piping design, sprinkles, glitters, dust for sparkle, and also can include cake pop toppers. 

They can be round-shaped, coin-shaped, or mixed. 

Sculpted - Starting at $40 a dozen 

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Gold Level 

This level is for any custom shape. It also includes any extra fondant or chocolate pieces. Along with some hand painting details.

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Classic Flavors: 



Red Velvet 



Birthday Cake 

Cookies 'n Cream 


Deluxe Flavors 

Additional fees of $2 plus

Cookie Dough


Marble (vanilla & chocolate)

Dulce De Leche

Churro Cake 


Banana Puddin' 


The Pop Co.'s Pick up Policy

Pickup time will be scheduled in advance. Saturday pickup and delivery times are between 8:30 am-Noon. A courtesy text required en-route and upon arrival to 505-910-2941. All pickups are scheduled in advance. 

Please be courteous in the time frame we set up. Pickups are granted a 10-15 minute window, depending, of time past the scheduled arrangement The Pop Co. reserves the right to allot time and product pickup elsewhere. We are not responsible for the quality of the order after the appointed time is exceeded. You will also be contacted with an update for pickup at the partner location. 

Late Pickup Penalty: Late pickups will be charged a $10 fee for every 10 minutes over the scheduled time.


Attention to detail is important throughout the baking and design process. I take pride in making sure that what you received is a finished product, having properly been made, stored, packaged, and transported to you. 

Please note that The Pop Co. is NOT LIABLE for any damages or occurrences after pick up or delivery. Once the order has reached its destination, is considered "Accepted" by the receiving party. Keep in mind that variety in temperatures, humidity, or light may impact the flavor, texture, or overall quality of the design to some degree due to the ingredients used. Please understand that at times this may be out of our control. Storage instructions are given at the time in which the client receives their order.